Opium Jewelry size guide and care

Find your size

To measure a ring’s size you measure the inner diameter of the ring.
You can also measure the circumference of your finger and divide the number you get by 3,14 and you’ll get your own ring size.

XXS=15 mm
XS=16 mm
S=17 mm
M=18 mm
L=19 mm

S=17 cm
M=18 cm
L=19 cm

S=60 mm
M=65 mm
L=70 mm

Jewelry care

Gold, silver and brass shift in color over time and will darken, this is called oxidation. You can polish your Opium Jewelry up using metal-, silver- or gold polish which you can find in most convenience stores.

To avoid oxidation avoid getting your jewelry vet or damp.
Avoid any contact with chemicals and strong detergents.
When not wearing your jewelry store them in their boxes and or satin pouches to avoid scratching and unnecessary wear.

If you love the patina time gives your jewelry wear them often and love them as much when they change color and get scratches.

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