• Cutting out the middleman – and feeling thankful

    I have reached many points during these almost four and a half year of Opium Jewelry and now I have reached yet another one. There have been both ups and downs, and lately, if I’m being honest, many more downs than ups for Opium Jewelry. What has kept me up and kept me going has …

  • annette-bracelet by opium jewelry

    When people melt your heart

      I was having lunch with my fiancé at a busy restaurant in Stockholm the other day. Halfway through, I got a quite surprising e-mail: Hello Hanna. Browsing on the Monoqi site looking for a Christmas present for my wife, I came across your lovely jewellery. I was particularly taken by ‘Bracelet 2’ and your …

  • New site, new packaging, new pieces, new perspectives

      The new collection is out now and I love that I can present all the new pieces on a new website as well. Out with the old and in with the new!

  • Opium Jewelry at Stockholm Designmarknad

    Thank you for coming to Design Market STHLM

    Thank you all that came to Färgfabriken and the Design Market STHLM. It was a blast to meet you, answer your questions and talk to you! If you where one of those who we asked for e-mail for sending out my splendid newsletters I might have lost them. I thought they would be stored with …

  • aki akndersson opium jewelry

    New Community Manager – Aki Andersson

    There are so many reasons that I am glad to welcome Aki to the Opium Jewelry team! First of all, this makes Opium Jewelry a team and not a one man show and as you know – team is everything! Secondly it’s nice to write “we” without feeling schizophrenic which I have done sometimes anyway because …

  • Photo shoot with Malin Sahlén and Danijella Froki

    Photo shoot with Malin Sahlén and Danijella Froki Today we finally got together, over too much candy, too little sleep and and whole lot of coffee, my one and only photographer Danijella Froki, the model Malin Sahlén and I met up at my place to shoot the new collection of Opium Jewelry. I have just finished …

  • Opium Jewelry on fulltime

    Working full time with Opium Jewelry. The last year I have gone back to school again to study Digital Data Strategy at Hyper Island here in Stockholm and it has been allot of fun and hard work! Now for the final semester I was going to do a 14 week long internship and as planned …

  • jo posselt for opium jewelry

    Nella, Elin, Linnéa, Simone and Jo… how the jewelry get their names

    So how come that all pieces are named the way they are? It’s easy, the first customer (or some times the first wearer of a piece) is the one who’s name will be passed on to it. Nella was the first one to buy the triangle brass bracelet and now it’s called Nella. Elin bought the Triangle …

  • Photo Shoot

    Behind the scenes at Opium Jewelry’s first photo shoot Waking up at 6am on a Sunday might not be ideal, but if your looking forward to a day of shooting amazing pictures of your jewelry it’s easy to jump straight out of bed! The photo shoot took place at Hyper Island and the surrounding of …

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