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  • Cutting out the middleman – and feeling thankful

    I have reached many points during these almost four and a half year of Opium Jewelry and now I have reached yet another one. There have been both ups and downs, and lately, if I’m being honest, many more downs than ups for Opium Jewelry. What has kept me up and kept me going has …

  • annette-bracelet by opium jewelry

    When people melt your heart

      I was having lunch with my fiancé at a busy restaurant in Stockholm the other day. Halfway through, I got a quite surprising e-mail: Hello Hanna. Browsing on the Monoqi site looking for a Christmas present for my wife, I came across your lovely jewellery. I was particularly taken by ‘Bracelet 2’ and your …

  • Malin – collecting jewelry from all over the world.

    The first thing you’ll notice about Malin is her jewelry: she is always wearing them, and each piece is carefully chosen for a special reason. The second thing you’ll learn about Malin is that she loves to travel: from hectic metropolises to polar bear sight seeing in Svalbard — her insatiable urge to explore takes …

  • Photographic Moments

    By Danijela Froki   by Tobias Björsberg   By The Morty    

  • #opiumjewelry


                    We love our customers and sometimes we get small glimpses of how Opium Jewelry creations are being worn. Please show us more by tagging with #opiumjewelry or @opiumjewelry. We can’t wait!

  • New site, new packaging, new pieces, new perspectives

      The new collection is out now and I love that I can present all the new pieces on a new website as well. Out with the old and in with the new!

  • Opium Jewelry at Stockholm Designmarknad

    Thank you for coming to Design Market STHLM

    Thank you all that came to Färgfabriken and the Design Market STHLM. It was a blast to meet you, answer your questions and talk to you! If you where one of those who we asked for e-mail for sending out my splendid newsletters I might have lost them. I thought they would be stored with …

  • opium jewelry at nordic design collective

    Opium Jewelry’s New Retailers

    Finally I’m on vacation, which means that I have time to do some work. No seriously, I am relaxing but I have just not come around yet to let you know that I have two new retailers. In Paris, The Cool Republic has a small selection of Opium Jewelry which is to be sold to …

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    Late night photo session

    Some weeks ago I was heading to the studio for some late night work when I met up with Aki and Rojah. While I was working on finishing of the big shipment to MONOQI they wanted to take some pictures. See how the late night photo session turned out. Rojah make her nails at Nails …

  • Ready to restock

    Today is one of the days I step out of the office and into my studio. Although I try to sneak away during lunch breaks or after work just to fix one thing sometimes ending up staying for hours it’s nice to have a whole weekday just dedicated to my working in the studio. After …

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